Advice for Event Planners & other Talent Bookers

This post is for event planners who book performers for public events such as festivals and trade shows, as well as for other people who, from time to time, need to hire entertainers (bands, solo artists, dancers, jugglers, migicians, stand-up comedians, ventriloquists, etc.) to perform at your corporate/ civic event, place of worship, club or […]

Untapped Entertainment Venues

Hello to all comedians, comedy magicians and all you good people who hire live comedians and comedy magicians.  Let’s talk about performance opportunities that fly under the radar.   Retirement communities are one of many untapped markets for live entertainers. You won’t get rich (fees range from $50 to $200 in central Ohio) entertaining at these […]

All Work and Too Much Play

Greetings!  Hope you’re all having a sweet ’16!  I want to give a special shout out to Chuck Cochran and all of the good people of the Reynoldsburg Community Association.  I had a great time performing clean stand-up comedy for the adults and a comedy magic show for the kids (and the kid inside each […]